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Sacramento residents, are you looking for a new redwood fence?  Citrus Heights Fence Company serves more than just our little town.  We serve the entire Sacramento area! When it comes to residential fencing, we believe you will find us to be the the best possible choice. We have that faith for several reasons. First,  we have three main goals – 1) Create High Quality Redwood Fence, 2) Offer Excellent Customer Service, and 3) Keep Pricing Competitive. We are the Fencing Company you can trust!


Creating High Quality Redwood Fence

We recognize that the people of Sacramento expect high quality work when they pay thousands of dollars for their new privacy fence. That’s why we are committed to using only the best materials available to build your new privacy fence! Not only do we inspect all the boards, planks and posts we use, but we make sure all of our fasteners and other hardware a solid, dependable and long-lasting. When you build a new fence, you expect it to last you a long time. Guess what? We do too! That’s why we are committed to using high quality materials.

It doesn’t matter if you are using high quality materials if the craftsmanship isn’t equal! At Citrus Heights Fence Company, we have years of experience on our fence installation teams in order to make sure we produce high quality work. We know there are many choices for fence contractors in the Sacramento area, so we want to be your top choice. We would love to show you examples of our work so that you can know we have experience building fences and offering fence installation for numerous situations. Call us today and find out why we are the redwood fence contractor of Sacramento!

Excellent Customer Service

You can read our reviews, you can talk to our customers. When you do, you will find we are not just committed to offering excellent customer service, but you’ll find that we are actually following thru. We want our Sacramento customers to be completely satisfied with their new redwood privacy fencing. We insure this process by making sure our initial plan lines up with exactly what you want in your new fence. We follow through by staying in communication with you throughout the process, and expecting you to inspect our work! We welcome all questions, concerns and are happy to explain the process as we go. Once the job is complete, we don’t expect payment until you’ve looked over your new redwood fence and signed off on the completion. And while we don’t have a “warranty” on our fence installation services, we understand you have standards. If our fencing is not meeting up with those standards, and the requests are within reason, we will gladly come and fix any problems you might be having.

Keeping Pricing Competitive

Obviously, one of the main concerns for all of our potential customers is pricing. And while it is true to and extent that you get what you pay for, we also realize there are some things that don’t meet that standard. We encourage you to get other price quotes from other Redwood fence contractors in Sacramento. Compare them with ours – but don’t let that be the end. Give us an opportunity to explain the differences on the quotes. Many times, other materials or other things might be in play that changes the pricing. We just ask that you let us help you understand the differences in quotes between us and other redwood fence contractors.

redwood fence contractors sacramento Fencing Company Near Me in Sacramento

At Citrus Heights Fence Company, we understand what it takes to produce high quality redwood fencing. That’s why people all over the Sacramento area call us to be their redwood fence contractor! Is that a humble brag? Most definitely. Are we in danger of setting expectations too high?  Probably. But guess what? We don’t care. We are fully committed to fulfilling those high expectations. You can find redwood fence contractors throughout the Sacramento area, and we will gladly go head to head on comparing what you will get with your new privacy fence. We serve customers in Sacramento looking for new residential redwood fence with high quality fencing, excellent customer service and fair pricing. So, why wait any longer – give us a call. We’ll come out and measure your space, see exactly the terrain we are dealing with and can offer you a free estimate for your redwood fence project. Because every home is different, every fence project is a custom redwood fence.You will get the best of what we have to offer as a premier Sacramento Fence Contractor. Check us out today!

Redwood Fence Choices in Sacramento

Citrus Heights Fence Company will help you discern the style of fence that best suits your needs, wants and personal residential situation. We offer numerous redwood fence styles: Standard Redwood Fence, Board on Board Redwood Fence, Horizontal Redwood Fence.

privacy fence installation Sacramento

Standard Redwood Fence in Sacramento

A standard redwood fence is essentially when we sink fence posts in the ground every 8 feet. Each post is secured in place with at least one full bag of concrete. We secure our posts 18-24″ into the ground to make sure they are completely secure. Keep in mind, you can choose between wood posts, or metal posts. While metal posts do cost a little bit more, they will last longer and are not subject to potential warping.

After placing the posts, we install two horizontal structural rails maid of pressure treated 2×4 pine. Our structural fence railing is designed to withstand years of Sacramento weather, resisting rot, insects and other nuisances. We aim to use the straightest 2×4 fence rails we can find to make sure your fence installation is straight and true for years to come.

Finally, after fence post and rail installation, we then place the fence pickets into place. Usually these get secured with with nails. We utilize a taught string to create a straight line along the top of your fence. Because the ground is uneven, this can sometimes create small gaps along the bottom. We suggest trying to fill in low spots of dirt to make sure there aren’t places for your pets to crawl out!

All of our standard redwood fence comes in either 6 foot or 8 foot heights. You can add a kick-board (kicker) rail or even a cap-rail (cap) to any fence as well. Of course these are add-ons and raise the price, but they are still options for you! Are you looking for a redwood fence contractor in Sacramento? Call Citrus Heights Fence Company!

Board on Board Redwood Fence in Sacramento

Definitely the most elegant wood fence style you can create is a board on board fence. Board on Board fencing begins with the standard redwood fence structure, but overlaps the boards in order to eliminate the gaps between fence pickets making sure your privacy fence is doing its job! Usually, a true board on board fence is going to utilize the cap-rail  and kicker as well, as these will help create even straighter lines  for the “frame” of your redwood fence. A common addition aesthetically in Sacramento is the lattice topper.  The lattice topper can be completely enclosed, or open at the top.  Even in that there are so many options to enhance the visual appearance of your redwood fence. Essentially all of our board on board fences are also custom fences! You can add or subtract whatever aesthetic features you wish. Every one of these additions or changes affects the price, both up and down. We are completely flexible and will help you get the redwood fence your wanting to add to your Sacramento home.

Horizontal Redwood Fence

Horizontal Redwood Fence in Sacramento

Horizontal Redwood Fencing is for the homeowner who wants their fence to “pop” and standout among the other residential fences around them. Sometimes called “pallet fence” because the design resembles taking a pallet and standing it on its side! Tho, we really don’t build them out of pallets. We utilize the same fence post structure – either wood fence posts or metal fence posts. A horizontal redwood fence does not require any structural rails, but usually will need a thicker rail at the bottom as a kicker as well as a cap rail to give it a finished look. If you’re looking to spruce up your Sacramento home, call the residential redwood fence contractor that Sacramento homeowners love – Citrus Heights Fence Company!

redwood fencing in SacramentoUnmatched Beauty in Redwood Fencing

There’s a true beauty to redwood fencing that is unmatched by cedar fencing, or pressure treated pine. The grain is open, and unique, with marbeling of lighter colors as well. Every picket has a unique look that stands out. There truly are an infinite number of possibilities in how the pickets line up and look – making your redwood fence in Sacramento truly unique. No other wood creates such a combination of color, contrast and look. At an affordable price, redwood fencing is sure to be that frame that surrounds the “painting” that is your home. Just as a picture frame can cause a painting to stand out, your fence can cause your home to stand out on your block!  Call us today – we are your redwood fence contractors in Sacramento!

Sacramento Fence Contractor

Everyone likes to shop local when possible – and when you use Citrus Heights Fence Company, your a shopping local!  We are not owned by some large contractor, and we are not affiliated with any other fence contractor! We are our own, home-run business that’s devoted to making the residents of Sacramento completely satisfied with affordable, high quality redwood fencing.  We are a small local business, and we depend on our customers to tell others about their experiences working with us. A quality fence contractor is going to be transparent and honest about their methods – and that describes us! We are a licensed fence contractor – not just a fly-by-night company. We don’t just enter the area after storms, we live here in the Sacramento area and love our neighbors, wanting the best for them. We aim to help maintain or raise your home’s value by making sure curb appeal is elevated.

Residential fencing of Sacramento can be used to keep pets and kids in the yard, as well as restricting views into private spaces.

In residential spaces, redwood fencing and chain link fencing are the most common types of fencing.  While you will find other metal fencing, like wrought iron or aluminum fencing used in and around homes, they are usually not as common as wood or chain link fence. No matter which type of fence you decide is best for your needs, we can build it for you! Citrus Heights Fence Company specializes in the installation of redwood fences in Sacramento.

Redwood fencing provides an elegant, natural touch to your home’s exterior that complements any architectural style. When it comes to upgrading the look of your house, screening your yard from an unpleasant view, or protecting your property from intruders, Citrus Heights Fence Company can provide you with the ideal redwood fence at an affordable price when compared to other fencing materials available today. To learn more about our superior redwood fencing services and products or to schedule a free quote on your next redwood fence project, contact Citrus Heights Fence Company today!

What to Consider When Choosing Redwood Fence

It’s easy to choose Citrus Heights Fence Company when you need a high-quality residential fence even in Sacramento. We use only the best materials to construct our redwood fences, and we build them with integrity and quality. Plus, we offer free quotes on all our fencing jobs. When you’re considering redwood fencing for your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, redwood is an expensive material, so it’s important to get a free quote from Citrus Heights Fence Company to make sure you can afford it. Second, redwood is a natural material, so it will weather over time. The life expectancy of a redwood fence is 20-30 years with proper maintenance and care.

Call your Sacramento Redwood Fence Contractor

We offer free quotes on our redwood fence installation services – so call us today! Schedule your free estimate and find out why the residents of Sacramento choose us!